Parlour currently has recorded two albums: Days of Plenty and Seeing the Elephant. Days of Plenty is Parlour’s first full length album containing 12 original songs. Seeing the Elephant is an 8 song live album recorded at the Baker City Interpretive Center. These original songs are inspired by true stories from the Oregon Trail.

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Sample songs from Days of Plenty:


Listen to Days of Plenty


Listen to Carry Coals to Newcastle


Listen to Strike Me Down


Listen to Amanda Lynn


Listen to Love and Blood


W169 Seeing The Elephant FNL OL

Sample songs from Seeing the Elephant:


Listen to Lion in the Water


Listen to Weight of Wagons



To listen to complete songs on entire album, visit the iTunes Store and type Parlour, Days of Plenty  or Parlour, Seeing the Elephant in the search.

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